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This master’s programme focuses on specific areas of international business, marketing and sales management.  Numerous opportunities of immersion study in local business environment are available in the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Russia, and the EU. Students will gain knowledge and skills necessary to become successful international top managers.  

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Students for TalTech international study programmes are admitted based on the admission threshold. The maximum score for the motivation letter and interview is 10 points. An applicant who receives the minimum of 5 points is admitted.


Programme Specific Requirements

Bachelor's degree or equivalent in economics/business or at least 36 ECTS in business courses such as:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Basic Marketing
  • Basic Finance
  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Logistics and Inventory Management 

In order to qualify for the studies in Tallinn University of Technology an applicant has to have at least 60% of the highest possible CGPA.

Motivation letter must address the following items: 

  • Provide an explanation, why you apply for International Business Administration programme – what are your interests and why do you want to study at the TalTech School of Business and Governance? 

  • What are your professional goals and how the degree programme supports them? 

  • How does your academic and/or professional background fit into the degree programme you are applying for? 

NB! It is important to properly cite and reference any sources used in your motivation letter (quotations, publications, ideas etc. that are not your own). Neglecting the rules of referencing and citation is considered plagiarism and will result in the disqualification of your application.


Topics covered during the interview:

  • Previous education (work experience), career and their connection with International Business Administration programme.  

  • Motivation to study on the programme, the aim of the studies and reasons for choosing this programme, alternatives. A motivation for passing the curriculum with the nominal period. 

  • The role played by the studies and education to be obtained in ones personal career model, how does passing the International Business Administration Programme contribute to one’s career. 

  • Potential topic for the thesis and personal interest in particular research topics (writing a thesis on the discussed topics is not required). 

Duration of the interview is approximately 15 minutes.


In this programme you will be able to choose from two different specialities:

Specialty for those who wish to work in an international business environment as a top manager or export manager and to supplement their existing knowledge. You will learn in-depth analysis of the organization and its components and re-evaluate and redesign them as needed. During the programme, you will learn the organizational structure, business process management, technology, organizational culture and business strategy interrelationships. During the lectures you will delve into organizational design and management of its functional areas. In connection with the above, you will acquire knowledge of modern forms and methods of work organization and will be able to prepare and implement organizational changes.

In the programme you will be able to plan the company's export activities and it will familiarize you with the aspects of exporting and it’s critical success factors. Along with this you will gain knowledge of the theoretical fundamentals of foreign economics, analysis of potential target markets and sales activities in foreign markets. Many courses will be the form of seminars and workshops where you and specialists will solve vital tasks and imitate real-world export situations.

As a graduate, you will be a top professional who can take responsibility for the export and management of a company, analyse results and redesign corporate strategies and policies.

Major courses:

strategic management, export management, international business, business trends, management and leadership, supply chain management.

This specialty develops professionals in their field who want to achieve high goals in marketing and sales management and to improve their existing knowledge to reach a new level. To do this, you will study in-depth marketing strategies and gain a more specific knowledge of marketing concepts, international and digital marketing, along with your specifics and aspects of intercultural communication. In addition, you will gain the knowledge to prepare, conduct and analyse market research, and learn how to reshape consumer behaviour patterns for your business. And of course you will learn how to lead a brand!

In Sales Management you will gain knowledge of the basics of commerce, category management, business development and business information systems. In addition, it focuses on aspects of business negotiation, innovation and strategic management accounting.

Major courses:

international marketing, marketing research, strategic marketing, service design, digital marketing, sales management.

Why this programme?

  • The school starts after your regular working day at 17:45 and ends 21:00

  • Largest and most international faculty of business and economics in Estonia

  • Many opportunities for start-up businesses, business model competitions and international summer schools

  • Co-operation with Estonian corporate sector and state institutions; main partners are Ominiva, East-Tallinn Central Hospital, Swedbank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG etc.

  • TalTech alumni membership; some of the members are in leading positions in Estonian economy and in business, which in turn enables to find business partners in the region


  • General studies - creates an understanding about the essence of entrepreneurship and its processes, the role of entrepreneur and the principles of business planning and development process. Moreover, students have an opportunity to plan the business process, design business model and compile business plan through teamwork and interdisciplinary study.

  • Core studies – students get a broad overview of different marketing, management and business related subjects.

  • Special studies - students can specialise in the International Business (supply chain management, development trends in business environment, export management, international business, etc.) and Marketing and Sales Management (strategic marketing, marketing research, sales management, digital marketing, etc.).

  • Free choice courses – students can choose subjects according to their special interests or future specialisation preferences.

  • Graduation thesis – students prepare an independent research paper dealing with and solving a practical business administration problem applying appropriate theoretical knowledge and methodology.


Future Career

The programme graduates will gain a broad-based business competence to operate in various businesses in an international context. The knowledge, skills and experience enable the graduate to work as a member of a board, as a middle manager or top specialist, for excellence both in Estonia and in other parts of the world. The curriculum is designed for students, whose aim is to self-development and career advancement and it is creating sufficient prerequisites for rapid and flexible orientation in both practical business and possible future academic activities

What Students say

Juliane Jokinen


The reason I first came to study in TalTech was the fact that this university provides a truly innovative, friendly and international environment. As a person who comes from trilingual family background and lived most of her life abroad, I have always been very impressed with how much care and effort the university puts in the education and wellbeing of its international students. After finishing my bachelor degree, I went to Germany for a year to start with my master’s degree. However, I had to realise very soon that I missed the motivating learning environment that TalTech offers so I made a decision to move back to Tallinn to start with my MBA degree and continue working as the Head of International Affairs of United Nations Association Estonia.

Gaganmeet Singh


The course is an amalgamation of key business dimensions and provides ample subject options to choose from. The benevolent attitude of professors is one of the best features of the faculty. The subjects like Financial Business game and B2B Simulation give a complete perception to the students about the unique business models in emerging markets and give all an equal opportunity to witness hidden aspects of entrepreneurship and business management.

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