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Exchange Studies Abroad

All students of Tallinn University of Technology have the opportunity to enhance their studies by spending a semester in one of the many partner universities of TalTech. It is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable international experience, develop both academically and professionally and enhance foreign language skills.

Erasmus+ programme is the most popular among TalTech students; it supports student exchange for studies and internship within the programme countries (mainly in European Union). However, TalTech has good partners outside of EU as well - each year we have students who go to Japan, Singapore, South Korea, USA ect.


Exchange Studies Abroad

Don't know if you should go and study abroad?

Exchange Studies at TalTech

Exchange students – students, who come to Study at TalTech in the framework of bilateral agreements or exchange programmes (e.g. Erasmus+) for a period of one semester up to one academic year.
Free-movers – visiting students who come to TalTech for a period of one semester up to one academic year without any cooperation agreements.

Exchange Studies at TalTech

For students who are coming to TalTech from one Semester to one Academic Year.


Visiting Students

Visiting student is a student, who is immatriculated in a university in Estonia, and who wishes to take some courses from another university in Estonia.