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Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a limited number of scholarships for TalTech Master study candidates. Scholarships are available for citizens from Armenia, Georgia, India, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other citizens of Estonian Development Cooperation target countries.

The scholarship is granted for 2 years (nominal study period of Master's studies) with a monthly allowance of 400 EUR.

The project is financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the funds of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

Estonia - development cooperation

Stipends are available for following Master's programmes:

  1. Environmental Engineering and Management - 2 stipends;
  2. Technology of Wood, Plastics and Textiles - 1 stipend;
  3. Materials and Processes for Sustainable Energetics - 2 stipends;
  4. Technology Governance and Digital Transformation - 3 stipends;
  5. Communicative Electronics - 3 stipends.

The scholarship is granted for 2 years (nominal study period of Master's studies) with a monthly allowance of 400 EUR, which is paid throughout the academic year from September 1 until June 30. Please note that payments will be issued from the month you arrive in Estonia. You must also have an Estonian bank account.


How to apply?
Candidates who have submitted an application for one of the five study programmes listed above are eligible to apply for the scholarship. 

Kindly note that the deadline for submitting the application for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarship has passed. 

Motivation essay should include:

  • Name of the programme you will be studying in TalTech;
  • Your reasons for choosing Estonia as your study destination;
  • Your reasons for choosing this programme;
  • Your plans after graduation.


  • Font Times New Roman, font size 12
  • Line and Paragraph Spacing 1,5
  • Lenght of the motivation essay max 1,5 pages
  • Name the file as “FIRST NAME.SURNAME“
  • Name the e-mail subjects as „Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarship - the name of the programme you are applying to

Persons, who are granted the aforementioned scholarship, will receive a personal notification via email from the Head of International Admissions. Kindly note that it is not possible to receive DoRa and Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarship at the same time. 

NB! Additionally, the scholarship of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs may be granted for the candidates of the following programme (the process of granting the scholarship is coordinated by the faculty):