What is TalTechDigital?

TalTech has the desire and readiness  to change first itself  in a global turnaround, and thus show the way to others. It is based on our ambition and determination to use and develop the latest technologies in the best possible way, and to be at the forefront of creating strategic partnerships both at home and abroad. We are doing so not only in the interests of our academic community, but also in the interests of society in particular.

We envisage the future of TalTech as a university that uses the most advanced technologies to better organise its daily activities – learning, teaching and research. Everything that intelligent artificial systems do better than humans is left to the systems and humans can show their abilities in the design and development of new solutions.

This has triggered the TalTechDigital initiative in TalTech University. It is not a program with specific time and financial limits, but a promotion of activities that support the vision-based approach.

See also a short movie, how we would not have such a convenient and innovative e-Estonia without TalTech.

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