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What is TalTechDigital?

TalTech has the desire and readiness  to change first itself  in a global turnaround, and thus show the way to others. It is based on our ambition and determination to use and develop the latest technologies in the best possible way, and to be at the forefront of creating strategic partnerships both at home and abroad. We are doing so not only in the interests of our academic community, but also in the interests of society in particular.

We envisage the future of TalTech as a university that uses the most advanced technologies to better organise its daily activities – learning, teaching and research. Everything that intelligent artificial systems do better than humans is left to the systems and humans can show their abilities in the design and development of new solutions.

This has triggered the TalTechDigital initiative in TalTech University. It is not a program with specific time and financial limits, but a promotion of activities that support the vision-based approach.

See also a short movie, how we would not have such a convenient and innovative e-Estonia without TalTech.

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Lines of Action

TalTechDigital includes four lines of action: updating the digital infrastructure, digital teaching, supporting research 'lighthouses', and convening a digital forum.

digital infrastructure

Reviewing and redesigning the university's practices and work processes by using new, evolving and breakthrough technologies with an aim to make the university the most well-digitized campus in the world. The Head of the Line of Action is Joosep Kaasik, TalTech Director for Administration.

Digital Teaching

Integrating new digital technologies into the structure and operation of all the study programmes from the moment they are created by motivating and encouraging students to contribute to the general objectives of digitalization through their studies. The Head of the Line of Action is Hendrik Voll, TalTech Director for Academic Affairs.

research "lighthouses"

Defining new, interdisciplinary and future-oriented research directions in collaboration with national and foreign partners that are based on the university's competencies and the future needs of IT and other companies. The Head of the Line of Action is Gert Jervan, Dean of TalTech School of Information Technologies.

Digital Forum

Creating a platform for collaboration in support of digital developments and with an aim to build a strong digital society in Estonia. Developing new collaboration models within the triangle the university-companies-the public sector. The Head of the Line of Action is Tauno Otto, a professor in TalTech School of Engineering. 


TalTechDigital Council

TTD initiative will be implemented through the university's statutory management and administration system. To support this the Rector has formed a 10-member Digital Council in advisory capacity. The Council consists of members from the university and outside, and advises the Rector in the strategic matters of university’s digital developments, including the concept and roadmap of the initiative.

TalTechDigital Council


  • Jaak Aaviksoo, TalTech Rector, Chief Digital Officer
  • Gerlin Gil, Chairman of the Student Body
  • Marek Helm, Head of Public Finance, Nortali
  • Gert Jervan, Dean of TalTech School of Information Technologies 
  • Robert Krimmer, Professor in TalTech School of Business and Governance 
  • Seth Lackman, CEO of Ericsson Eesti 
  • Tauno Otto, Professor in TalTech School of Engineering
  • Kirke Saar, CTO of Telia Eesti 
  • Anne Sulling, Member of the Parliament
  • Tanel Tammet, Professor in TalTech School of Information Technologies




18.05 TalTechDigital work group starts
26.05 The TalTechDigital concept is presented at the TalTech Board of Governors and approval is requested
05.06 The TalTechDigital initiative was announced (and the recruiting campaign for a digital manager was launched)


The Digital Council was assembled and the Heads for Lines of action were approved
04.09 The Heads for Lines of action submit the initial plans
06.09 the decision on the formation and composition of the digital council
18.09 TalTechDigital official opening on the 99th birthday of the University with the launch of the first activities
October, and web addresses were registered 
09.10 The first meeting of the digital council
November   A project was launched for the e-support for all 1,500 compulsory subjects by 2020
23.-24.11 TalTech Management Development Seminar focused on TalTechDigital



Jan-Feb Collecting ideas on TalTechDigital among University members
07.02 TalTechDigital think tank at Mektory
May The first TalTechDigital Bachelor's and Master's scholarships were issued
23.08 A pilot project to use mobile phones as TalTech staff and access cards
August    Smart Campus strategic investment project
September   Launching of the TalTech mobile application
17.09 TTÜ 100
20.09 TaltechDigital vision conference
20.09 Self-driving car and its smart infrastructure
15.10 Launcing of Digitarkus - an online class for all TalTech employees
November As the first university in Estonia, TalTech makes its own CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)