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Application form

Transcript of Records is an official document from your university indicating all the courses you have previously passed until your exchange period.

With the online application form, you can upload the enclosures within the form. Please submit the application form electronically.
It is required to print it and sign it ONLY if you will come as a free-mover (without any bilateral agreement between TalTech and your home university). The enclosures have to be sent by post as well.

One of the application requirement's is English Certificate at B2 level.
If you do not have it latest on the application deadline, please apply for next semester when you have updated your English Certificate.

It is a document with the list of TalTech courses you take at TalTeh, these results will be transferred to student's home university after his/her exchange study period. It is signed by student, his/her home university and TalTech University. Please submit it to the online application and we will sign it during the admission procedure. You can change it during the 1st month of the semester.

The only reason, why the course list is not updated, is, that we do not have it. Once, when the list is ready, it is going to updated at the web page You may check our previous course lists, but we do not guarantee that all the courses from that list will be taught next year, although more or less the list is the same.

Choosing the courses

The link indicated will give you the information about all the exchange students' course descriptions at TalTech. Courses what are offred for exchange students  in English are here. Please choose the courses at your study area and follow courses from the level you study. We do not have a special programme for exchange students, every student have an individual study plan. Please do not choose courses outside from this offer.

Please choose around 70% of the courses from your home univeristy partner School and the level of your studies. You have to fulfil prerequisites to the courses you are choosing. Then it is allowed to choose courses from other Schools. We can accept the courses you have chosen, when you have sent the application with all the required documents. We do not accept courses by e-mail.

There are some free-elective courses like languages of Basics or Physical Movement what are for any level. Please choose courses at the level of your studies at your home university and/or follow the remarks in our course offer. If you have fulfilled the prerequisites at home university you may choose the courses from the level you need.

As an exchange student of TalTech you can only choose the courses offered at our university. Applies also for Joint Programmes with another Estonian Universities.

TalTech offers for English speaking students only courses  in English. Please make your course selection using this offer.

According to the Erasmus+ programme rules, you are allowed to make the changes in LA during the first month of your studies. Timetables will be ready approximately a month before the beginning of the semester. Timetable conflict is one of the main reasons for making the changes.

 All the courses you find from the list, which is meant for exchange students, will be taught in English. If you find any mistake from web based study system, please let us know, there may be unfortunatelly some mistakes in the course descriptions.

 We accept the applications in the order we receive them. You will be informed if you were not among of accepted students. When the course is accepted in your Learning Agreement, you are allowed to take the course.

Exchange students have to choose their courses only from the list, what is made specially for you.

The timetables will be ready approximateley a month before the beginning of the Semester. Therefore, unfortunately, you can't avoid course conflict in the early stage of making the Learning Agreement.

Basically you need to follow the rules of your home university concerning the amount of ECTS. Normal workload at TalTech is 30 ECTS, we recommend take minimum 15 ECTS per semester.

Arriving to Tallinn

It is impossible to recommend a specific airline. You need to research flight that corresponds to your needs (regarding the schedule, price etc). Students have to use often connecting flights. As students from outside of the EU have to take connecting flights, we recommend, if possible, take flights where Estonia or our neighbor countries are the first Schengen country you enter. Truth is that at the moment the amount of airlines is limited.

You find more information at our web site.

Yes, before the beginning of the semester (usually the previous Thursday and Friday or Wednesday and Thursday before the beginning of the semester) TalTech organises a 2-days Orientation Days,

that will be covering the practical, as well as academic matters that will help you to settle in. Before the Autumn Semester, it is together international degree students, at Winter it is only for exchange students. It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it, other wise you have to study all the materials and new information by yourself.

We highly recommend you to take part in the orientation programme because it will give you a necessary basis to start your studies at TalTech. Every year there are hundred of new students and it is practical share information everybody at the same time.

If, for some reason you can't participate, please pick up the welcome package from Mobility Centre U02-201, when you arrive. At home please read all the presentations from the Orientation Days and Student's ABC. You have to know your timetable of the day when you arrive. The latest day for arrival is the deadline for online course registration, a week after the beginning of the Semester.

The beginning and end dates of the semester are indicated in the Academic calendar. Autumn semester lectures start in the end of August or the beginning of September (closest Monday to 1st of September) and the Spring semester lectures start in the end of January or the beginning of February (closest Monday to 1st of February).
Students must arrive during the first week of the semester. Before the lectures start we have two days Orientation Programme.

At present, the period of self-isolation must also be taken into account.


We have a special price for TalTech's exchange students who come for one semester or one academic year. You find more information at our web page and >ENG>Exchange students. The exact price will be available a day after the application deadline.

You will receive an e-mail from us on November 16 or May 16, depending on a semester, or read the information at our web page , from 16th of May or 16th of November  and follow the instructions. First come, first served, we have only limited amount of places in the Acadamic hostel. Please think, also, are you ready accept the hostel rules. It is easier to get the university accommodation for Spring Semester than for Autumn, when we have more students.

Of course, you still need to notify the receptionist in the Academic Hostel in advance, but then you don't get students' price any more.

TalTech dormitories are booked for the degree students studying at our university 2-3 years. There may-be single places for summer interns.

Usually yes.

When you have specific requirements (you already know with whom you'd like to share your room with or if you wouldn't like to share your room with, like a student from the same country etc) please make a remark when you pay the deposit.

When you did not get the place in the Academic hostel, then you still may ask help from them. The hostel has many partners.

Staying outside of the hostel, you have less rules, but if you are looking for the apartment by yourself, please do not make payments before you have seen the place, where are you going to stay.

Right of residence

EU citizens have the right to stay in Estonia on the basis of a valid travel document or identity card for the period of up to 3 months. In case you stay for longer time (one semester is 5 months long) you need to register the residence within 3 months from the date of entering Estonia and apply for an Estonian ID card in Estonia.

You can only apply for the Estonian ID card in Estonia. When you stay in Estonia for more than 3 months, you need to register your place of residence first and then apply for the ID card (it might take up to 1 month to get the card). 

Please check our web page Citizenship and Residence Issues> Visa for  Non-EU students  and Applying for D-type visa in Tallinn.
You may have the right enter Estonian visa free, but everybody who are staying more than 90 days have to apply for long term D-type visa.

First Days FAQ

Please watch the video.

These are available at the web site

  1. Pay attention to the duration of the courses. Here are odd weeks (1;3;5 etc) and even weeks (2;4;6 etc). The first study week is week no 1.
  2. Most of the courses are taught during 1-16 weeks, but sometimes there may-be other options, like 1-8 or 1;3; 10 etc

Please register the classes in OIS before February 1st 23:59 (Spring Semester). Until that time you are allowed to visit the classes without registration. You may submit and withdraw your Study Plan as many times you need. From February 2nd, you cannot make the changes to OIS any more. Meanwhile you are not register, you will not receive the notes from the Lecturers.

If you want to choose a new course, what is not in your Learning Agreement, then, please get confirmation your home university and TalTech lecturer. Please make changes first in OIS and then in Learning Agreement. Choose the courses from our course offer.

Unfortunately, this semester ELP0010 Fundametals of Sustainable Transportation course is cancelled.

If you cannot find your course from timetable or OIS, please inform Mobility Centre,
If you cannot find the Lecturer's e-mail address, please inform Mobility Centre,

Follow the codes of English taught programmes: TVTB, HAJB, MVEB, IVSB, TVTM, HAJM, HAGM, IVCM, IASM, IVEM, IVGM, EABM, MADM, MARM, KAYM, KVEM, YVEM, MAHM, YAFM
For example, Mechatronics System Modelling and Control EEM0090 has English groups IVEM11, IVEM12 and MAHM11. Please choose only one group and follow it.
Example is here

If you cannot get the confirmation from your home university or from TalTech lecturer (because the first lecture will be later or you the Lecturer has not answered), you may add the course to OIS. If you are not going to follow it later, you are allowed to delete the course during September or during one week after the first class. Then you have to turn to Mobility Centre.

Until 1st of February (Spring Semester) you may change your Study Plan in OIS as many times you need. You retract the study plan, delete or add the course(s) and then submit it again. If you want to make changes after this date, you have to turn to Mobility Centre or Dean's Office. If you want to add the courses, you need the confirmation from the Lecturer. You cannot delete courses from OIS after your first study month.

You will find the information at that web site:

Their offer is wider than only the courses, what were for exchange students. These courses what were not in our offer are not for free.

When you are in self-isolation (Staying in self-isolation means that a person cannot leave their place of stay within 14 days, except at the order of a health care worker or police officer or for essential trips. For example, you can leave your home if your life is in danger or you need medical care, you need to renew food supplies, buy essential goods, purchase medicines. In all these cases, contact with other people must be avoided. Therefore, you cannot go to work or go hiking on a populated hiking trail. But you can go running or ride a bike, for example, if you do it without coming into contact with other people).

Please check the Orientation Days web site, watch the orientation days videos and read the slides.

Make your Study Plan and register the courses before September 7th. Contact to all the Lecturers and let them know that you are in self-isolation.
Ask what to do and how to join the classes. Once you get out of the isolation, please visit Mobility Centre U02-201, register your arrival and pick up your welcome bag. Then you can register your residence in City District Government and apply for ID card in Police and Boarder Guard Board.

When we are talking about the course, what is accepted in your Learning Agreement, then the prerequisites in your own Academic Transcript are checked and you are allowed to take the course. If the course is not accepted in your Learning Agreement and you have not passed the required course at home university you cannot take it.

Please register all the courses, where you want to participate.

Information is at this web site:

Before check in OIS, that the Lecturer has accepted your participation.