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Spring Semester 2021, Before arrival

We hope you are doing as well as possible under these special COVID-19 circumstances. However, we would like to point out following steps and would highly appreciate if you could read them through carefully:

  • Before the start of the trip, you need to check if any restrictions apply to entry from your departure/ transit country on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs page:
  • If your departure and/ or transit country is not on the list or the infection rate is above 16 per 100 000 inhabitants, you must self-isolate for 14 days (the numbers 14 and 16 may change) upon your arrival to Estonia. Isolation means that the individual is obligated to refrain from unnecessary contacts for 14 days from their arrival in Estonia and is allowed to leave their place of residence or accommodation only for seeing a doctor, shopping for food, essentials and medicines, and in emergencies. It is also strongly recommended to avoid using public transport to reach your address in Estonia. Please use the taxi service if possible. Wearing a mask is obligatory! 
  • From September 1st you may take tests in the airport and ports.
  • If you are a resident of TalTech Academic Hostel and are required to self-isolate, you need to inform them about your arrival date and time on
  • If you present symptoms during self-isolation, you must inform and the accommodation provider immediately. Call to the doctor's info l line 1220 (from 15.00 to 17:00 in English). The student is liable for the costs incurring in case of illness, such as food costs, medicine costs, etc.
  • We strongly recommend arriving to Estonia at least two weeks prior to the start of studies and orientation days, so that possible isolation requirement would not interfere with attending classes.
  • The student is responsible for conforming to the self-isolation requirements. Students that fail to conform to the self-isolation requirements will not be allowed to proceed with their exchange semester at TalTech.

It is allowed to begin your travel only if you are completely healthy (without showing any symptoms of an infectious disease). Attending classroom studies is also allowed only if you are completely healthy.

The information is compiled according to the following government orders:

We hope you understand the need for these inconvenient procedures because the safety of our students, staff and the society. In case you would still like to reconsider and postpone your exchange studies at TalTech, we do understand and will be ready to negotiate the postponement options.

We are looking forward to hosting you at TalTech! 

In case of any other questions, please do not hesitate to get back to us! 

Kind regards,

Tallinn University of Technology

Office of Academic Affairs, Mobility Centre

Visiting Office:
Office U02-201, from Monday to Thursday 9:30-16:00, closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We strongly recommend to come to the office only when absolutely necessary.
You may send all your documents for signing by e-mail. If you want to have longer personal meeting, please make an appointment.

NB! One person at a time is allowed to enter the office!

For students who are coming to TalTech from one Semester to one Academic Year. Please find the information under these links or from table of the content.

Before Mobility part shows non-academic information you need before coming to TalTech.

Academic information includes course offer and other academic issues.

Practical information opens the part about living in Tallinn. Visa information is meant for non EU students.

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